UV-FAN-M-ST with external lamp

Mobile UV device for air and surface disinfection

UV-FAN allows deep air disinfection in any type of food environment. Traditional cleaning methods are, often, not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene, which can be achieved only by the use of UV-C technology.

The big advantage of this machine is the ability to deal with the air of a room, 24 hours a day, without any contraindication for the staff present. Only a continuous disinfectant action can ensure the security to maintain the microbial load always under control; on the contrary, an intense, but uneven, disinfection results in a fluctuating level of germs present in the environment.

UV-FAN 2BD-ST-Rc2 model, with integrated 2 external UVC lamps, apart from the function of purifying in presence of people as so far described (operational or daylight phase), provides for the possibility to light the two UVC externally integrated lamps to deeply disinfect the surrounding air and surfaces, by radiating them directly (in the non-operational or night phase, immediately before the use of the room).


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