Flow UV-C germicidal lamps with forced air flow

One of the important advantages of UV-C germicidal lamps for NBVE air recirculation and disinfection is the possibility of their use in the presence of people and patients (permanent air disinfection).
Disinfection of air by UV-C radiation in flow germicidal lamps is carried out inside a disinfection chamber. Contaminated air is sucked in by a fan – through a filter that traps dust and other contamination – into the disinfection chamber.
It can be mounted on the wall or on a mobile stand and works 24 hours a day, eliminating up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and molds.


  • External lamp for surface disinfection (Optional),
  • Hour counter (Optional),
  • Remote control (Optional),
  • Disinfection without chemicals,
  • Replacing the filters can be done very easily, without the need for special tools,
  • Simple maintenance: the lamp will be replaced after 1 year of operation / filters after a maximum of 6 months of operation,
  • Simple assembly.


  • Eliminate the chances of disease due to microorganisms present in the air,
  • Children and people with allergies are protected by breathing clean air,
  • You always have clean air and disinfected surfaces,
  • With the help of the hour counter you know exactly when you need to change the lamp in order to ensure optimal disinfection,
  • You can easily turn on / off the equipment with the remote control,
  • Due to the mobile stand you can move the equipment wherever you want,
  • Eliminate the use of expensive antiseptics, labor and the extra time required to perform disinfection.


(for model NBVE 60P)

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