NBV-P series

Ultraviolet Air&Surface Disinfection System

Using UV-C systems with direct exposure is one of
the most effective method of disinfection. UV Germicidal lamps produce
UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm. This radiation reveals the strongest characteristics of the biocide and irreversibly deactivates bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and other microorganisms.

NBV UV system can be used for: medical offices, hospitals, hotels or restaurants in the absence of staff and in the presence of staff depending on the position of the UV lamp.
Models available on request: 1x30W, 2x30W, 1x55W, 2x55W.


  • It can be used in the presence of staff when the upper part is rotated towards the ceiling;
  • The germicidal lamp can be directed to certain surfaces for local disinfection (rotation 270 or 300 degrees);
  • Hour meter, Remote control (Optional);
  • Alarm for non-functional lamp (Optional);
  • Increased disinfection due to the reflector.


  • Breathe clean and disinfected air,
  • The surfaces you come in contact with are disinfected,
  • You can work in an environment free of harmful microorganisms,
  • Eliminate the chances of getting sick,
  • You can easily move NBV UV system to different spaces.

PRICE: 268.8 EUR

(for model NBV 2x30P)

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