We offer custom-made solutions for the disinfection of multiple environments

News August 1, 2021

Water disinfection – Swiming pools and leisure

UV is highly effective at killing any bacteria, viruses or moulds in the water, including Cryptosporidium and its spores, which…

News July 13, 2021

UV-C Lamps Overview

UV-C lamps (also known by the name of: germicidal lamps) are low-pressure, mercury/rare gas discharge devices similar to fluorescent lamps.

News March 1, 2021

TIOX Filter – What is it and how it works?

TIOX® is the special filter that works in combination with UV-C rays, designed and developed by LightProgress Research&Department. It’s a…

News December 2, 2020


Frequently asked questions we have received during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic regarding germicidal ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection The emergency of COVID…

News October 21, 2020

Why do we treat water with UV-C rays?

The drinking water treatments are designed to make the water comply with the requirements for drinking water, improving the aspects:…

Case studies,News September 22, 2020

UV-FAN-M2 for air disinfection

Indoor air quality is a very important value, in fact most of the inhabitants of the planet spend most of…

News September 17, 2020

Air conditioning UV-C disinfection systems

Indoor Air Quality is usually more toxic than the one we breathe in an industrial city.Do you know why? Dangerous…

Case studies,News August 27, 2020

What are the areas of use for UV rays?

There are no limits to the possible applications of UV-C rays, however specific skills are required to use this technology…

News April 14, 2020

UVC disinfection against viruses

The current pandemic with the SARS-CoV-2 virus shows how important hygiene measures are to avoid its spread. But despite all…

News March 4, 2020

Healthy and clean air!

Air disinfection inside community structures (schools, hospitals, offices) is very important, this allows to avoid the spread of viruses and…

News March 4, 2020

UV in professional kitchens – elimination of fats and odor control

Keeping the hood clean and hygienic allows you to prevent and eliminate the annoying efficiency problems of the entire ventilation…

Case studies February 24, 2020

The importance of disinfecting stethoscopes

The importance of hospital disinfection for controling the spreading of infections UV light exposure is a disinfection process without chemical…


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